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Cambridge Products

S-Series Blow-Thru® Space Heaters
M-Series Draw-Thru Make-Up Air Heaters
ITH-Series Infrared Radiant Tube Heaters
Engineering Specifications: S-Series Space Heaters
Engineering Specifications: M-Series Make-Up Air Heaters
Engineering Specifications: ITS-Series Infrared Heaters
Energy Management Systems: Wi-Fi EMS

Space Heating or Make-Up Air for the following Applications

Warehouse/Distribution Center
Manufacturing Assembly Plant
Indoor Sports Facility
Auto Dealership Service Bay
Aircraft Hangar/Service Area
Boat Storage
Parking Garage
Restaurant/Commercial Kitchen
Paint Booth Area
Wastewater/Sewage Treatment
Car Wash
Storage Area
Door Heating
Process Heating
Retrofit or Replace an Existing Heating System
Retrofit or Replace an Existing Make-Up Air System
General Space Heating
General Make-Up Air
General Infrared Radiant Heating
LEED - Green Building Project

Proof of Cambridge Performance

EPAct Federal Tax Deduction
Energy Modeling White Paper
Testimonials for Existing Installations
Building Studies: Documented Temperature and Energy Usage
     Information for Existing Cambridge Installations
Cambridge vs. Boiler
Cambridge vs. Unit Heaters
Cambridge vs. Air Turnover
Cambridge vs. Other Direct Gas-Fired Heaters

Factory Design Assistance

Cal-Q-Heat® Input Data Form